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Welcome to Open Source Monthly Wiki!

Dedicated to the open-source community.

About this site

Our first magazine was not our best. We are working on a better one with more graphics for our regular schedule in January. We will be adding graphics. and hopefully we will distriubute perfect bound publications. All of these items on this wiki will be incorporated into the magazine. We hope to add featured users in the magazine, and hope that you will be a magazine from us from MagCloud in the future!

Our Current Issue

We are working on our 2012 Extended Issue for the graphics that were originally supposed to be in, but MagCloud screwed them up. We will start a blog soon, and hoepfully translate some articles over to another version of this wiki. We hope to get some content submitted!

About Our Host

Our current issue features ShoutWiki and aspects of how to design a skin. We ended up leaving Wikia because it decided it had to make crappy mandatory skin changes. ShoutWiki saw the mistake, and decided not to be like Wikia. We have been working on a wiki here for a while, and we will continue to stay here.


ShoutWiki will be getting a new skin, and we hope it will be a better skin than even Monaco is. Currently, we are working on communicating to ShoutWiki what type of skin users that come here want, and we all agree it has to be a very colorful choice. What do yout hink? Contact ShoutWiki to tell them what type of skin you want. Also, tell them what features, and do a poll of ShoutWiki users (ShoutWiki does it the fair way.)

Recent Pages

About ShoutWiki - SW has worked very hard, and we have a special issue for them. There will be two issues featuring ShoutWQiki, and more as news becomes available. As Gage Morgan, founder of OSM, talks with the SW staff, there have been several things that are being sent to the development team. With this info in mind, they will hopefully become the best of the best of wiki service providers, and will overrun Wikia.

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